Abe Foxman’s Hypocrisy

One of the first modern, systematic genocides occurred against Armenian Christians back in 1915. Turkish Muslims perpetrated the usual crimes against humanity, relegating Armenian’s to dhimmi status (along with Jews and other minorities). For more information, see this.

Adolf Hitler (y’sh) knew of the atrocities against Armenians and coldly understood that the worlds’ short-term memory would overlook Germany’s own genocide against the Jews:

I have issued the command — and I’ll have anybody who utters but one word of criticism executed by a firing squad — that our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy. Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formation in readiness — for the present only in the East — with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space [Lebensraum] which we need. Who, after all, speaks to-day of the annihilation of the Armenians? (from Louis Lochner, What About Germany? Dodd, Mead & Company, 1942 pp. 11-12).

Does Abe Foxman speak on behalf of Jews the world over? Hardly. Despite his denial of the suffering of the Armenian people during WWI, Foxman (and by implication, the ADL and B’nai Brith) gives cold comfort to the other victims of genocide the world over, even disregarding those who perished during WWII, including:

  • Ukrainians 5.5-7 million
  • Russian POWs 3.3 million +
  • Russian Civilians 2 million +
  • Poles 3 million +
  • Yugoslavians 1.5 million +
  • Gypsies 200,000 – 500,000
  • Mentally/Physically Disabled 70,000- 250,000
  • Others

Source: Karen Silverstrim, Overlooked Millions:
Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Here’s the latest of Mr. Foxman and his pernicious thinking:

ADL local leader fired on Armenian issue
Genocide question sparked bitter debate

The national Anti-Defamation League fired its New England regional director yesterday, one day after he broke ranks with national ADL leadership and said the human rights organization should acknowledge the Armenian genocide that began in 1915.

The firing of Andrew H. Tarsy, who had served as regional director for about two years and as civil rights counsel for about five years before that, prompted an immediate backlash among prominent local Jewish leaders against the ADL’s national leadership and its national director, Abraham H. Foxman.

“My reaction is that this was a vindictive, intolerant, and destructive act, ironically by an organization and leader whose mission — fundamental mission — is to promote tolerance,” Newton businessman Steve Grossman, a former ADL regional board member, said yesterday.

Read more here.

Please do not consider me to be anti-Semitic because of this post. I am entirely pro-Israel, at least regarding God’s covenantal promises as given in the Torah and Nakh. However, that does not mean that every Jew out there — let alone quasi-moralists like Foxman – should be respected as teachers of truth. Indeed, there is a sharp distinction to be made between she’arit Yisrael (the remnant of Israel) and the secular state of Israel (witness the narishkeit of Olmert and his strategy to appease the Arab world by disregarding the Torah).

When the Mashiach Yeshua returns, there will be a LOT of surprises in store for everyone, including the likes of Mr. Foxman and other pretenders of the truth.

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