American Flunkyism

Drash: When will American “educators” realize that without the acknowledgement of God and the teaching of moral truth, all other attempts to impart information are doomed to cynical failure?  Is it a coincidence that the United States, once the shining light of education the world over, has decomposed after Madalyn Murray O’Hair came on the scene to end the practice of daily prayer in American public schools?  Look, whether the pseudo-sophisticated educators of our day want to admit it, ALL knowledge — of any kind — is predicated on a value system that is grounded in metaphysics, and ultimately, the existence of a morally perfect and personal God.  Remove Him from the classroom and you have created a band of knaves — and a state headed toward disaster…. 


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration announced Tuesday it will require states to report high school graduation rates in a uniform way instead of using a variety of methods that critics say are often based on unreliable information.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings announced the change at a news conference at which a report was released showing that 17 of the nation’s 50 largest cities had high school graduation rates lower than 50 percent.

17 of the nation’s 50 largest cities had high school graduation rates lower than 50 percent

The change involves the No Child Left Behind Act, which currently allows states to use their own methods of calculating graduation rates and set their own goals for improving them. The report by the America’s Promise Alliance, using a common method to evaluate graduation rates for cities, found the lowest graduation rates in Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland.

It found that about half of the students served by public school systems in the nation’s largest cities receive diplomas; students in suburban and rural public high schools were more likely to graduate than their counterparts in urban public high schools.

Nationally, about 70 percent of U.S. students graduate on time with a regular diploma and about 1.2 million students drop out annually.

“When more than 1 million students a year drop out of high school, it’s more than a problem, it’s a catastrophe,” said former Secretary of State Colin Powell, founding chair of the alliance.


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