Radical Islam is the nightmare of Western romantic liberal idealism

[ How’s that multiculturalism thing working out for you?  Radical Islam is the nightmare of Western romantic liberal idealism.  How can you show “tolerance” to a brainwashed group of people that wants to decapitate you for your lack of adherence to their insane creed? ]


Arab children’s stone attack on Jews sparks outrage

Germany’s Jewish community has reacted with shock to a stone-throwing attack by Muslim children as young as 10 on a Jewish dance troupe performing at a Hannover festival, media reported Thursday.

About 30 children and youths, largely of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian descent, threw stones at the dancers on Sunday, shouting “Jews out!” daily Berliner Morgenpost reported. The youths were aged from 10 to 15, the paper reported.

The dance troupe, named Chaverim — Hebrew for “friends” — broke off their performance after one of their members was hit in the leg by a stone and lightly injured.  Lower Saxony Integration Minister Aygül Özkan said through a spokesman she was “deeply shocked” by the incident.

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