Autism Jumps 57% in Just 4 Years

Autism Jumps 57% in Just 4 Years
1 in 110 U.S. Kids Has Autism, CDC Study Confirms

By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News

Dec. 18, 2009 – Autism disorders increased by 57% in just four years, the CDC today reported.

By the end of 2006, one in 110 U.S. kids had an autism disorder diagnosed by age 8: one in 70 boys and one in 315 girls, reflecting a nearly fivefold higher risk for males.

The new CDC estimate of autism prevalence, obtained from analysis of child evaluation records in 11 states, is virtually identical to autism numbers reported for 2007 from a huge telephone survey reported last October.

“Two decades ago we were looking at a prevalence of one in 5,000 children. Now we’re looking at one in 100. That really is a staggering increase,” Geraldine Dawson, PhD, chief science officer of advocacy group Autism Speaks, tells WebMD.

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