Avi Lipkin says Obama is a Muslim

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? An Israel Today article says, “YES.”

The author of the article is Avi Lipkin, a former assistant to the Israeli Prime Minister Assistant, writing under the pseudonym ‘Victor Mordechai.

Avi Lipkin is available to be your interview guest to discuss the controversial article wherein he is quoted as saying, “There is no doubt that Mubarack Hussein Obama (Barack is short for Mubarack) is the son of a proud member of a Sunni Muslim tribe in Kenya, the same tribe that massacred Kenyan Christians a few years ago.”

In the article Avi also wrote, “There is no debate, either, that his (Obama’s) white mother remarried a second husband, also a Sunni Muslim, who lived with Obama in Indonesia for a number of years. Obama attended a madrassa (Islamic school) until age 11 and prayed at the local mosque.”

“According to the Islamic faith, if a father was a Muslim, so is the son, Obama,” Lipkin concluded in the article.”

Several years ago Avi warned the world in multiple books, articles and public lectures that there were a growing number of Jihidist sleeper cells in the United States and Canada. During your interview he gives updates on the current Islamic Threat to the US.

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6 comments to Avi Lipkin says Obama is a Muslim

  • I believe that if Obama is a “TRUE” muslim, “EVERYONE” who know’s the LORD, as their “PERSONAL SAVIOR”, should be in “CONSTANT” prayer, cause if he is a muslim, then he most likely is also the antichrist!

  • GOD is telling “HIS CHOSEN” to come out from the pagan churches, have NOTHING too do with their unfruitful works of darkness! Like the Apostle Paul said, “WAKE UP” ooh you sleeper, for you’re REDEMPTION is “NEAR”! The SAVIOR is “NOW” raising up HIS Army, & it sure has “NOTHING” too do with pagan, man made, “FALSE RELIGION”! We as “SOLDIER’S IN THE ARMY OF THE LORD” must be WILLING to die, just like our SAVIOR died in our place!

  • Connie Patterson

    Pray up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found this website. Interestingly, there are only 3 replies to this. The Church is asleep. Muslims are hoping we stay there. Our churches are wanting us to be “content in all things.” Really? If we have no voice, then we will surely see the hand of God soon. “Even so, Come sweet Jesus, come.”

  • I am deeply troubled concerning the next election. With everything that is occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East (not to mention the economy) we seriously should demand a skilled leader. I’m far from convinced that Mr. Obama or any of the Republican challengers thus far have the experience or skills it takes to do the job the way it needs to be accomplished. Being president of the U.S. is an tremendously difficult job. Is there someone out there with the experience, skill, and moral conviction to do the job?

  • S.M. Villines

    Avi Lipkin is warning America. We need to listen. We need to pray. We need to be watching. Obama is a puppet who is being used to bring down America and to raise up Islamic religion that will eventually destroy America. Obama wants the Constitution to be done away with. People are afraid of being called radical if they make these kind of statements. But for those of us who are awake and not walking in darkness, we know the truth because of the discernment the Holy Spirit gives us. Fred, I agree with you about so many of the churches that have become pagan. I just made a statement to my husband yesterday morning that I am getting so tired of not being able to have any confidence in the church leadership. Tired of having to screen for the truth to filter through. Thankfully, it’s not in all churches though. One is more safe in the smaller churches because there is definitely less compromising going on. I prefer a small truth seeking church over a large one. Keep on praying for our nation.

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