Barb Davis White takes on Keith Ellison

[ I really hope she wins…  a nice lady with a big heart.  I am voting for her at tomorrow’s primary in the MN 5th District. ]


This is one of the strangest stories of the 2010 elections. Barb Davis White, a Republican, conservative, pro-life constitutionalists candidate for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District has just filed as a Democrat to face the first of two Muslims in the U.S. Congress, Keith Ellison (D) in November 2010. Why would a true conservative file as a Democrat?

In 2008, White lost to Ellison, but she received 25% of the Republican vote and the highest percentage of any Republican on the ballot. With the state GOP behind Demos, White decided to run as an Independent, but no one candidate won the 60% of delegate votes at the nominating convention on May 20th.

White says as she canvassed the 5th District, she found many Democrats wanting a choice other than Keith Ellison. In the video below, she says these Democrats know she is a pro-life, conservative, constitutionalists.

Nothing I read explains why the GOP would step out for Joel Demos. Most of what I read believes he hasn’t a chance against Ellison. Some believe Barb White Davis isn’t in the Jesse-Ventura-mold, and that’s her problem with the state party.

Barb’s plan is this: She is running as an Independent Democrat. She talked to Democrat neighbors. They want a choice in the August primary. Barb plans to knock Ellison off of the ballot. She plans to give the Democrats the choice they are seeking – anyone other than Keith Ellison.

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