Bernanke Blames Europe

[ The failed prognosticator Ben Bernanke, who is likely complicit in economic terrorism against sovereign nations, now blames Europe for the malaise that is besetting the US economy… ]


Bernanke says US economy is ‘close to faltering’

Fed chairman blames euro crisis, uncertainty over jobs market and political battles in Washington for gloomy economic outlook

Federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has warned that US economic recovery is “close to faltering”, and that a “disorderly” default in the Greek debt would have a serious impact.

In testimony to Congress, Bernanke was repeatedly quizzed about the impact of the European crisis on America. He said the US was an “innocent bystander” in the eurozone debt standoff and that US banks were not heavily exposed to Europe’s most troubled economies.

But he warned that Europe’s economic woes were already having a negative impact on US stock markets. “Unless the European situation is brought under control, it could be a much more serious situation for the US economy,” he said.

Bernanke also warned that political warfare in Washington was a threat to the US economy. He told the Joint Economic committee that the recent row over raising the debt ceiling had been very unhelpful at a time of increasing economic uncertainty. “It’s no way to run a railroad,” he said.

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