Mr. “Divide and Conquer” Obama


WASHINGTON — In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and […]

The Real Meaning of the Fourth of July

Our cause is just… and God sees the truth

The Real Meaning of the Fourth of July

by Jacob G. Hornberger

Contrary to popular myth, the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not great Americans. Instead, they were great Englishmen. In fact, they were as much English citizens as Americans today […]

REVIEW the Declaration of Independence…

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Ron Paul on NSA, Snowden…

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NSA Criminality…

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NSA Director James Clapper’s tergiversations…

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Fire James Clapper

By Fred Kaplan

The Director of National Intelligence lied to Congress about NSA surveillance. What else will he lie about?

If President Obama really does welcome a debate about the scope of the U.S. surveillance program, a good first […]

Mass Surveillance In America

by Stephen Lendman

It shouldn’t surprise. It’s longstanding policy. Post-9/11, it escalated. Previous articles said Big Brother is real. It’s no longer fiction.

Mass surveillance is official US policy. It’s not for national security. It’s not about discovering terror or other threats. None whatever exist. Claiming otherwise doesn’t wash. Big Lies substitute […]

Obama’s Abuse of Powers and High Crimes


President Obama’s Dragnet


The New York Times

Within hours of the disclosure that federal authorities routinely collect data on phone calls Americans make, regardless of whether they have any bearing on a counterterrorism investigation, the Obama administration issued the same platitude it has offered every time […]

Is Tyranny in America Imminent?

Obama’s Endgame

by Dave Hodges

History demonstrates that the descent into war is preceded with a justification, real or contrived. As with all tyrants, if a legitimate justification for the impending conflict is not forthcoming, the despot, in this case Obama, will simply make one up. And the way that this objective […]

Rand Paul Flip-Flops on Drones….

Does Rand Paul now SUPPORT the use of drones???

First I believed in Rand Paul when he ran for the Senate in Kentucky. I supported his run and win.

Then during the 2012 Presidential election when he committed Treason and was a traitor against his father by endorsing Romney, I never listened to […]

Questions About the Boston Marathon Bombing

17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask

Will we ever learn the full truth about the Boston Marathon bombing? Personally, I have been looking into this attack for days, and I just keep coming up with more questions than answers. At this point, I honestly have […]

Orwellian mental health sweeps

Your conversations with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are now monitored by the state

by Mike Adams April 18, 2013

The march to tyranny has picked up fierce momentum in the state of New York, where the criminal Cuomo administration is now issuing subpoenas that demand psychiatrists turn over ALL their records to the […]

The United Nations wants disarmed World Population…

U.N. passes sweeping international arms regulation viewed by some as Second Amendment override

The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday signed off on a sweeping, first-of-its-kind treaty to regulate the international arms trade, brushing aside worries from U.S. gun rights advocates that the pact could lead to a national firearms registry and disrupt […]

FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones In Skies By 2020

FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones Could Be In the Skies By 2020

By Joe Schoffstall

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts 10,000 commercial drones could be in the skies by 2020 after guidelines are approved. For now, Congress has asked the FAA to write regulations on civil operation of small unmanned aircraft systems in […]

New Obama Spy Powers…

Locking things down for your own damned good…

U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances

By Emily Flitter and Stella Dawson and Mark Hosenball

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens […]

Eric Holder Justifies Non-Judicial Homicide (i.e., murder)

Barack Obama ‘has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil’

President Barack Obama has the authority to use an unmanned drone strike to kill US citizens on American soil, his attorney general has said.

By Jon Swaine, Washington

Eric Holder argued that using lethal military force against an […]

DARPA’s Eye of Sauron…

DARPA Wants a Searchable Database of All Your Conversations

by Paul Joseph Watson

DARPA is working on an embryonic project that would store your every verbal conversation on an Internet server, creating a searchable chat database that would represent the ultimate privacy killer.

Having failed to establish its infamous Total Information Awareness system, […]

DHS now buying tanks for American streets?

DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

This is getting a little creepy. According to one estimate, since last year the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. DHS also purchased 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles (MRAP).


“Ragtime” Spying Services…

Ragtime: Code name of NSA’s Secret Domestic Intelligence Program Revealed in New Book

“Deep State” uncovers new details about the agency’s secretive and hugely controversial surveillance programs.

By Shane Harris

More than a decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a set of extraordinary and secretive surveillance programs conducted by the National Security […]

Murdering US Citizens by Drones okay, Says Obama

Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

By Michael Isikoff National Investigative Correspondent, NBC News

A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even […]

World War Z – Propaganda for Zombies

(Youtube) This May, Brad Pitt’s zombie apocalypse film, “World War Z” is scheduled to be released. The movie should not be viewed as just another Zombie flick but as hard core UN war propaganda aimed at the sovereign citizens of the United States. Alex breaks down step by step how the scenarios portrayed in […]

Bait and Switch Gun Control?

This is what I want to hear Obama say about guns

by Jon Rappoport

The first thing I want to hear Obama say about guns is what I’d expect from any rational person:

“Here is where gun murders are occurring in the United States. Look at this map.”

Yes, let’s start there. […]

Obama’s Crocodile Tears for Children….

Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false or insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief. The phrase gives its name to Bogorad’s syndrome, colloquially “crocodile tears syndrome”, an uncommon consequence of recovery from Bell’s palsy where faulty regeneration of the facial nerve causes sufferers to shed tears […]

Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History

More Spying On Citizens than in Stasi East Germany

Washington Blog

The American government is collecting and storing virtually every phone call, purchases, email, text message, internet searches, social media communications, health information, employment history, travel and student records, and virtually all other information of every American.

Some also claim that the government […]

Be Countercultural – Refuse to Fear…

Not the most articulate presentation, but the main points are well-established through various credible sources:

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Everyone in US is now under surveillance

‘Everyone in US under virtual surveillance’ – NSA whistleblower

The FBI has the e-mails of nearly all US citizens, including congressional members, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. Speaking to RT he warned that the government can use information against anyone it wants.

One of the best mathematicians and code breakers in NSA […]

Are Atrocities against Americans Coming?

Will American Troops Commit Genocide Against American Citizens?

History Speaks — Will America Listen?

by Dave Hodges

Anyone knows, who has half of an eye open, that American citizens are soon to become an endangered species under our present lunatic President. Everyone should know that all of our constitutional protections against […]

Will the Apocalypse Arrive Online?

How Fear of Cyber Attack Could Take Down Your Liberties and the Constitution

By Karen J. Greenberg

First the financial system collapses and it’s impossible to access one’s money. Then the power and water systems stop functioning. Within days, society has begun to break down. In the cities, mothers and fathers roam […]

Obama™ or Romney – We lose either way

The phony dialectic goes on and on, as Americans collectively deceive themselves into thinking that this “election” means anything other than that the globalist agenda will continue….

Two Failures

by Andrew P. Napolitano

President Obama is a failure as a president, and Gov. Romney is a failure as a candidate.

When he […]

Are they really planning on killing us?

DHS Purchases 200 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

Additional purchase includes bullets designated for snipers

by Paul Joseph Watson

Following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of […]

Remembering 9/11

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Who Took Down WTC7?

The “smoking gun” that the events of 9-11 were not accurately reported by the US government is found in the destruction of World Trade Center Building Number 7, a 47 tall steel-frame structure that was NOT hit by […]

New Study Finds Link Between Flu Shot, H1N1 Pandemic

People who received seasonal flu vaccine before swine flu outbreak more likely to catch virus

by Paul Joseph Watson

A new study has found that people who received a flu shot before the outbreak of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic were more likely to catch the swine flu virus, a startling discovery given the […]

The Phony War on Terror

Delusional reality: Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television is a fiction

by Mike Adams

The “War on Terror” is a complete fabrication. There is no terrorism other than what the government creates in order to sell its agenda of a police state takeover. Click here to read Paul Craig Roberts’ […]

Lewd and Lascivious Homeland Security

Is it any wonder the DHS doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about sexually humiliating other people for the sake of so-called “homeland security” when their own leadership is utterly perverse, degraded, and based on twisted depravity?


ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface

The top […]

The Microsoft™ Police Department of NYC

MicroSnoop™ Software Up and Running…

NYPD unveils new $40 million super computer system that uses data from network of cameras, license plate readers and crime reports

Domain Awareness System is a joint venture between city and Microsoft. Commissioner Ray Kelly says system is able to access information through live video feeds and allow […]