TSA demands to know what you are reading…

The TSA is going to look through your books

by Bonnie Kristian

The TSA began a new screening policy for paper products at airport checkpoints in Missouri last month, and now the agency’s branch in Sacramento, California, is testing out more invasive searches for books and food items.

In the new system, passengers […]

How Obama™ Expanded the National Security State


During his election campaign in 2008, Barack Obama promised to close the prison at Guantánamo, repeal the Patriot Act of 2001 that authorised new domestic surveillance, and protect military and intelligence whistleblowers against government reprisals. It was a pledge to rein in much of the security state apparatus that had […]

Never Forget the fall of WTC7…

The Salomon Brothers Building Has Fallen. Almost.

By Liam Scheff

Building 7 of the WTC complex, a 47-story modern skyscraper, fell at free-fall speed, a pure, perfect demolition. It came down at 5:20 in the afternoon. It had some scattered, isolated fire damage. and some damage from falling debris on one side.

No […]

Obama™ Bankrupts America


[ Obama’s idea of “redistributing the wealth” apparently means making everyone equally destitute and therefore dependent upon the autocratic state… ]

Under Obama Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent

The net worth of the American family has fallen to its lowest level in two decades, according to government data released Monday, driven by […]

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse…

[ The idea that the “ends justify the means” is the same logic Hitler used to justify murdering millions during WWII. It implies, for example, that it is acceptable to abuse and murder other people if such actions are (subjectively) deemed the “greater good” for the greatest number of people. It is the […]

Blowhard Rush Limbaugh Promotes Hegelian Propaganda

Slime time radio host Rush Limbaugh took to the air yesterday and declared that GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul “sounds like an Islamic terrorist”.

Limbaugh was commenting on the incident involving Congressman Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, who was detained by the TSA in Nashville after refusing to submit to an enhanced pat-down.


American College kids are basically moral zombies…

Feckless Young Primed for Surrender

[ The propaganda artists (i.e. educators) – much like the advertisers of this age – understand that the easiest way to make an idiot out of someone is to flatter them… ]

By Toby Moreland

Young people are incapable of recognizing their own enemy. This is the essential […]

Yes, Obama, we CAN wait…

אֵל־נְקָמוֹת יְהוָה אֵל נְקָמוֹת הוֹפִיַע

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Barack Obama will “continue” to act “independently” without congressional authorization to “benefit the American people” as part of the White House’s “We Can’t Wait” campaign.

“He [Obama] fully understands that the kinds of things that are contained within the American […]

Has American Gone Insane?

What a twisted and cowardly country the USA has become, sending drones off to kill others like they are characters in a computer video game…. Sick and shameful…. God sees.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Obama – Firebrand of Chaos

Hard to believe, but President Obama — one of the most divisive and partisan chief executives in American history — once posed as a messenger of national unity.

During his keynote address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, then-Senate candidate Obama proclaimed, “… there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; […]

Obama and Biden Hail Death of Gadhafi; the new way of doing business…


WASHINGTON (AP) — Declaring the end of a tyrant’s reign, President Barack Obama on Thursday cast the demise of Moammar Gadhafi as a momentous opportunity for Libya and its long-suffering people. “You have won your revolution,” he told them.

“One of the world’s […]

The 9/11 Scam…

Television networks are preparing an onslaught of 9/11 tenth anniversary specials as the establishment desperately tries to reinforce the myth that terrorists pose any more threat to Americans than intestinal illnesses or allergic reactions to peanuts.

Columnist Glen Greenwald has written an excellent piece focusing on the biggest scam of the decade, “Exaggerating, […]

Muslims prefer Obama?

Gallup: Muslim Americans Give Obama 80 Percent Approval, Highest of Major Religions

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 By Terence P. Jeffrey

( — Eighty percent of Muslim Americans approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president, according to a newly released survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, […]

Ron Paul warns of coming American dictatorship


[ Years of unrelenting corruption… evil, flagrant wickedness… We are living in a “police state” today because of the seared consciences of those who have betrayed our trust… (A bad conscience always leads to repression and brutality). Tick tock … ]

Ron Paul: We Are Enabling A Future American Dictatorship

2012 Presidential candidate […]

Nihilism and the eradication of Christianity

[ The propaganda of “Multiculturalism” is the fruit of Hegel’s dialectic – a sort of quasi-Kabbalistic tree of life metaphor that annihilates distinctions for the sake of a ruthlessly enforced unity… ]


Christianity isn’t dying, it’s being eradicated

It’s official: Britain is no longer a Christian nation. In banning Eunice and Owen […]

Majority of Americans Want to Oust the Entire Government

American People To Dems And GOP: Get Out Of Office, You Don’t Speak For Us

by Steve Watson

A whopping majority of 62% of the American people believe it will be a good thing for the country if almost all incumbents from both parties were removed in the upcoming midterm election.

That is the […]

More on Joe Lieberman’s Internet

Kill the ‘Kill Switch’

Joe Lieberman: China can shut down the Internet, why can’t we?

by Justin Raimondo

Who else but Joe Lieberman would introduce a bill to give the President the power to shut down the Internet with the flick of a switch? I’m afraid of the answer to that question, […]

The Individual vs the State – whose your momma now?

Much of western civilization political thought is devoted to the nature of the STATE. Centuries of experience and aspiration are embroiled in the fundamental dichotomy between the individual and the state. When the understanding of this chronicle is applied to the American Saga, a central question emerges. By what authority does the state claim […]

Censorship is from the left


By Coach Dave Daubenmire

It’s funny, but in America it is always the “right” that is accused of censorship. Whenever implications of burning books or attempts at squelching free speech are made, it is always the “conservatives” that get the blame.

I don’t know where that ruse got started but […]

The Rule of Law Has Been Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

What is the greatest human achievement? Many would answer in terms of some architectural or engineering feat: The Great Pyramids, skyscrapers, a bridge span, or sending men to the moon. Others might say the subduing of some deadly disease or Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The greatest human achievement is the […]

What I foresaw several years ago is now here


By: Devvy

January 16, 2010

While a bit unusual, this column is going to be audio. Events are happening at hyper speed and I want to talk to you as we go through these items one by one so we can all see the bigger […]


Atheism is the established religion in America. Humanism, Environmentalism, Darwinism, Materialism, and Global Warming are examples of its denominations. It is all fake, made up. Atheists don’t believe in no god, but rather, that they are god. Atheists believe man is the final judge. That is why they flock to government positions. Government “officials” […]

Ron Paul on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

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“Alinsky-Logic” and Phony Liberalism

[ Many postmodern liberals are actually “radicals” — and that means they follow “Alinsky-logic” to get their political will done. They are certainly not genuinely anti-war. Just ask Cindy Sheehan… ]


The Silence of the Antiwar Movement is Deafening

Cindy Sheehan’s Lonely Vigil in Obamaland


Cindy Sheehan […]

Obama’s FIRST Act as President was to SEAL his records

Obama’s first act as President EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning release of any of his records



THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release January 21, 2009

EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 – – – – – – –


By the authority vested in me as President by […]

Kierkegaard on the National Debt

I consider Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) to be one of the greatest modern Christian authors of all time, surpassing the eloquence and brilliance of C.S. Lewis and other notables. His psychological analyses and philosophical insights into the human condition are highly regarded, even among those who refuse his passionate call to follow Christ. Moreover, […]

Was Michelangelo a closet Kabbalist?

Michelangelo ‘hid secret code in Sistine Chapel’

By Malcolm Moore in Rome

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which the renaissance artist worked on for four years in the early 16th century, is actually a “bridge” between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish faith, according to The Sistine Secrets: Unlocking the Codes in […]

Bulldozers and Nietzsche

The irony of the article below this apparent: Why should a fan of Fred Nietzsche (or any other pagan/atheist, for that matter) care about the “sanctity” of a grave-site?  In a “god-is-dead” world where evolutionary forces (i.e., mindless matter+time+chance) all conspire to yield inherent randomness, what does “sanctity” mean?  How can one of his followers wax poetic over the injustice of […]

Practical Christian Pacifism

by David A. Hoekema

Few moral and theological positions are as deeply cherished by their adherents, yet so quickly dismissed by their opponents, as pacifism. The moral legitimacy of using violence is among the most urgent issues of our time, and yet its discussion slips quickly into an exchange of stereotypes. Pacifists are to […]

Search for the “Perfect Sphere”

This morning I read a fascinating article that asked why a 118-year-old cylinder, the international prototype for the metric mass, is losing weight. The cylinder certainly isn’t being meddled with by humans, since it is kept tightly in a triple-locked safe at a lab outside Paris and rarely sees the light of day. It is used exclusively […]

The Devil’s Logic

The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” G.W.F. Hegel (1770 – 1831) 

What’s the shtuss about Hegelian Dialectic?

It’s been said that modern politics operates on the basis of the so-called “Hegelian Dialectic,” a method of social engineering based on a rather dismal theory about how precious little […]

Kierkegaardian Truth-Telling

(This comes from an apologetics paper I once wrote.) 

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) takes issue with the modernist approach of alienating the subject from the world, but does so from a different perspective than Heidegger (although there are some similarities of approach, especially since Heidegger was influenced by Kierkegaard). Although he has been accused of being fideistic, […]

A Heideggerian Question

(This is an excerpt from an apologetics paper I once wrote.)

Martin Heidegger (1899-1976) sought for a new way of considering the “whatness” of things by asking the question, “What does it mean for something – anything – to exist at all?”  Not this particular thing, nor that (i.e., the realm of the sciences and traditional […]

Immanuel Kant and Charismatic Christianity

Postmodern Charismatic Christianity is a phenomena of despair.  By “despair,” however, I do not mean “gloom” or “dejection,” but rather an absurdist anti-intellectualism that derived from the loss of hope regarding obtaining real knowledge about the world. In popular culture, we see that this despair arose just after WWI (in the USA, earlier in Europe), though its roots trace […]