Censorship is from the left


By Coach Dave Daubenmire

It’s funny, but in America it is always the “right” that is accused of censorship. Whenever implications of burning books or attempts at squelching free speech are made, it is always the “conservatives” that get the blame.

I don’t know where that ruse got started but it is time we pinned that tail on the right donkey.

The left are the most intolerant, mean-spirited, unfair vermin that one could ever associate with. Their whole philosophy is based on lies, and the perpetuation of those lies, no matter what the evidence shows.

Viewpoint discrimination is the club that the intolerant-ones wield. If they don’t agree with your position they simply prevent it from being presented. The idea of “informed debate” is something that is anathema to them. Not only won’t they allow “the other side” to be presented, they deny there is another side. Their ideas win the day because they only allow their ideas on the field.

The whole Tim Tebow situation is the latest demonstration of the hypocrisy of the left. Always remember this; in the mind of the leftists words mean the opposite of what we think they mean. Tim Tebow’s mother suggests women should “choose life” but the bloody thirsty “pro-choice” crowd thinks that is the wrong “choice.” And how do they respond? Do they try and present facts as to why abortion is the “best choice?” Why no; they just don’t think Tim and his Mom should be able to present their “choice” as an option for women. In their polluted mind to be anti-choice is to be anti-woman.

Perhaps I missed something, but I think Tim Tebow’s Mom is a woman…

Abortion is the only choice for women. Any other “choice” is “bigoted” and “intolerant.” But which side is intolerant? Are the Tebow’s trying to prevent “pro-abortion” information from being shown? Of course not. Like all defenders of truth they are more than willing to allow the other side the opportunity to join the debate. But the left doesn’t want to debate. They simply think other viewpoints should be censored.

And it is not just with the abortion crowd. Look at education. The left, which has a death grip on education policy, has elevated “viewpoint discrimination” to a new level. Ponder these examples and ask yourself why we allow this bilge to go unchallenged.

The idea that a Creator is responsible for our existence on this planet is not even permitted to be discussed in the classroom. Hiding behind the “religion is not science” argument the Darwin-worshippers will not even permit the mention of Intelligent Design to be uttered in our “public schools.” Although recent studies show that over 75% of the public believe that they were “created”, the left will still not even allow the theory to be discussed along side their own “closely held religious beliefs.”

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