Chicken Little Propaganda

How much evidence do you need that the USA is being hijacked by a bunch of con artists and other felons? Nancy Pelosi, the so-called “Speaker of the House,” is a case in point, saying today that 500,000,000 people lose their jobs in the USA every month… Ooops. Perhaps a bit overplayed, huh? (Or is it, after all? Sometimes “dark propaganda” works in commensurate fashion to effect the same twisted goal. Look up Neuro-linguistic programming.).

Perhaps it’s understandable Nancy’s confused, however — with the trillions upon trillions of dollars being siphoned off the economy into the black hole of globalist banking interests (to which she apparently pledges allegiance), things can become dizzying at times… Perhaps vertigo is just a side-effect of working in the world’s largest propaganda factory.

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