Children told to be tested for HIV after flu vaccines REUSED

[ Still pro-vaccine? Still want to fill your kid’s bodies with deadly neurotoxins and viruses that shed onto others? Are you still willing to blindly trust people who are so incompetent that they might be unwittingly infecting children with the HIV virus — all for the sake of medical propaganda?  ]


FORT COLLINS – A clinic in Northern Colorado is advising parents of children who received a pediatric flu shot from their offices to get tested for some blood-borne diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C after their vaccine syringes were shared between patients.

Med Peds Clinic of Fort Collins sent out a letter on April 6 stating a medical assistant at the office took the pre-measured children’s influenza vaccine and only gave half to each child, assuming it was the adult dosage. Children between 6 months and 35 months are only supposed to receive half of the recommended dosage for adults.

Since children are supposed to receive two doses of the pediatric influenza vaccine within a month of each other, the assistant removed the needle from each half-full syringe, assuming it was an adult dose, and replaced it with a sterile needle, but not a new syringe.


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