Claremont School of Apostasy

[ Only in the world of postmodern despair (and the nihilistic epistemology it engenders) can mutually exclusive religions be authentically taught at the same religious school.  This schizoid madness comes from soi-disant universalists who willingly reject the binary view of truth for “dialectical” nonsense.  A required course at this “seminary” should be classical logic and the study of Plato’s dialogs, especially Euthypho. A thorough study of Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and the German Holocaust should be required as well (as examples of the madness inherent in triadic formulas of truth and secular politics).  In addition, a course on the history of theological terrorism should be required as well… ]


Claremont Seminary reaches beyond Christianity

Calling multi-faith expansion the next step, the school will offer training for Muslims and Jews in a program that strains its historic ties to the Methodist Church.

In a bow to the growing diversity of America’s religious landscape, the Claremont School of Theology, a Christian institution with long ties to the Methodist Church, will add clerical training for Muslims and Jews to its curriculum this fall, to become, in a sense, the first truly multi-faith American seminary.

The transition, which is being formally announced Wednesday, upends centuries of tradition in which seminaries have hewn not just to single faiths but often to single denominations within those faiths. Eventually, Claremont hopes to add clerical programs for Buddhists and Hindus.

Although there are other theological institutions that accept students of multiple faiths, or have partnerships with institutions of other religions, Claremont is believed to be the first accredited institution that will train students of multiple faiths for careers as clerics. The 275-student seminary offers master’s and doctoral degrees.

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