Constitution Free Zones = FASCISM


The United States has been SURROUNDED.
The dark orange zone is no longer the Property of the USA

“The new LAWLESS American cities are NO LONGER AMERICAN CITIES. What this change means has not yet dawned on the public. Will the businesses and homes within the 100-mile-wide-zone be SEARCHED without cause, everywhere within these LAWLESS ZONES? This will kill the country now, even though the traitors are only taking over this ZONE, for starters?

This was designed to give these traitors a protected-zone to supposedly bring in troops (UN-NATO or otherwise), to do what they cannot do without this CRIMINALLY-ENFORCED-TREASON. This way they can have full control of all the ports and all the major cities near what used to be the borders of the United States.

This will effectively give the rogue-government full control over everything coming into or leaving the USA—including everything the nation needs to survive. Without access to the oceans, or the airspace above the 100-mile wide DEAD-ZONE, everyone else in the country will be imprisoned inside what remains of the USA…”

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