Could Ron Paul become the “Cinderella Man”?

By Ian Brockwell 

With Mitt Romney dropping out of the Presidential race and Mike Huckabee likely to join him very soon, the mainstream media will soon be faced with a situation they never thought possible (and tried their best to avoid), a head-to-head between John McCain and the “people´s champion” Ron Paul!

Sure, the odds are stacked up against Ron Paul, but even the MSM can not possibly print articles about results (if there are just two in the race) without mentioning his name (but I bet some will still try).

It must be said that fairytale endings don´t often happen in the US in real life (at least not in politics), and are usually found in Hollywood movies like “Cinderella Man” or “Rocky”, but if the American people truly love to see an outsider win the “title”, now is a good time to make it happen!

The only man who can really bring the USA back from the dead, is a politician that truly believes in change, a decent honest man, a patriot —- RON PAUL!

Forget the political promises that others make, you have heard all these words a million times before. What changes will McCain make that are going to make any difference to you and your family? McCain is a military thinking man who lives in the past (a political dinosaur), peace can be achieved in many other ways.

America faces a simple choice. If McCain, Clinton or Obama become President, you can expect much more of the same. Ron Paul is the only way out.

The MSM have practically raised McCain´s hand in victory already, because they assume the public are sheep and will accept “defeat” without putting up any further fight. Perhaps that is a reasonable thing to assume, seeing as the public have done exactly that for the last 7 years!

The race is not over, until it is over. You can still choose the winner — “The usual suspects” or “The Cinderella Man”.

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