Did Jesus reveal name of the ‘antichrist’?

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Recently Worldnetdaily ran an inflamatory article that seemed to endorse the idea that Jesus Himself revealed the name of the Antichrist as (ahem) “Barack Obama.”  You can watch the original video here:


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The author of this clip uses dubious exegesis to suggest that Barack Hussein Obama is none other than the Antichrist… Barak (בָּרָק) is indeed the word for “lightning,” but the author wants to link Yeshua’s description of “lightning falling from heaven” (“ke-varak min-hashamayim” — כְּבָרָק מִן־הַשָּׁמָיִם) with the description of Satan’s fall from a “high place” (bama, בָּמָה)” mentioned in Isaiah 14:14 to create the expression: “Barak [O]bama…”

There are many problems with creating this juxtaposition to suggest that this is a direct reference to Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the USA. First of all, the word Barak/Barack in Arabic is related to the Hebrew word baruch (בָּרוּךְ, blessed), not to lightning at all. Second, a consecutive Vav would not be rendered “o” (as in Obama) but rather “u,” resulting in “uvama” (וּבָמָה), meaning “and a high place” (the “b” changes to “v” after a consecutive Vav). Third, the link between the word “heaven” (οὐρανός) in Luke 10:18 and “high place” (בָּמָה) mentioned in Isaiah 14:14 is not explicit, and in fact, Koine Greek has other terms to refer to high places (ὑψηλός, etc.)… Fourth, the author adds the idea of “from” to the conjunction: “Barak uvama” would mean “lightning and a high place,” not “lightning from a high place.” Fifth, the author confuses ancient Aramaic with Biblical Hebrew. Six, in Modern Hebrew, Barack Obama’s name is spelled בּרק אובאמא (i.e., the argument from “bama” therefore falls apart). And finally, it’s highly unlikely Yeshua would have “encoded” the name of the Antichrist as a “secret message” for our day. This form of exegesis is “sod-level,” referring to hidden meanings, symbols, etc., that were not a regular part of Yeshua’s teaching.

However, if we check the gematria (numerical value) of “Barack Obama” בּרק אובּאמה , we get 357, the same value as the “Koran,” קוראן. If we add his middle name (Hussein) to form בּרק חוסיין אובּאמה, we arrive at a value of 501, the same as the Yishmaelim, ישׁמעאלים (Ishamelites)…

Of course logic by itself doesn’t rule out the mere possibility that Mr. Obama might be the “Messiah of evil” that is to come… After all, this false Messiah will be enormously powerful in a political sense, will eventually betray Israel, and will evidence a charismatic charm that will seduce the whole world into accepting a “new world order.” We’ll just have to wait and see what happens — and be ready to meet King Yeshua regardless…


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