Disinformation and Disequilibrium

[ The following article demonstrates some of the effects of psyops and disinformation that are being routinely used to keep Americans in a chronic state of disequilibrium and helpless confusion…. ]


What’s going on in this country?

There have been times recently when I sit back, scratch my head and wonder what in the world is going on in America. Last week’s events had me scratching like I had lice.

At American airports we are strip searching and groping 90-year-old grandmothers and forcing people against their will to be radiated with a body scan in search of weapons. Yet we fear asking a foreign exchange student from the Middle East to explain why they are flying back and forth to Yemen and other known terrorist active areas. Granny seems to get more scrutiny than a Muslim person who could double for Ramzi Yousef.

A confessed terrorist was acquitted on more than 280 charges of murder in a New York courtroom to satisfy the ideologues in the Eric Holder Justice Department. And all for what? So they can show off their left-wing concepts of justice: Proving we will allow a confessed murderer to get away with the same and herald it as a victory for the Constitution?

That is more nuts than looking for a bomb-strapped granny or toddler at Chicago O’Hare.

According to the terrorist’s jubilant attorney, Peter Quijano, “This verdict is a reaffirmation that our judicial system is the greatest ever designed.” Seriously? Not according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Chernoff. He views the events with the eye of sanity. “This is Ahmed Ghailani. This is al-Qaida. This is a terrorist. This is a killer,” he said in his closing arguments.

Am I to feel assured that our court system will protect America against future attacks by shaking down and “love patting” granny in the name of “fairness” while the liberals find a terrorist who killed 224 fellow human beings not guilty?

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