“Eye in the Sky” Watching You?

by Paul Joseph Watson

Aerial imaging technology is being used by the government to spy on Americans in an effort to collect revenue and enforce ordinances on swimming pools without safety certificates, junk cars being stored without permission, unlicensed porches, and a myriad of other petty transgressions that the state is feeding off in complete violation of the Fourth Amendment to suck citizens dry of whatever income they have left after being looted of trillions of dollars in wealth that the state has transferred to foreign banks.

The fact that technology such as Google Earth and Google Street View, which provides clear and often intrusive images of private property, is being used by authorities to spy on Americans without warrants is an obvious violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In Riverhead, New York, authorities used Google Earth to “help identify about 250 Riverhead homes where residents failed to get building permits certifying their swimming pools complied with safety regulations,” according to an Associated Press investigation.

The report lists a number of other uses state officials are utilizing the technology for, including checking if a homeowner has brush growing too close to his home, keeping junk cars on their lot in violation of ordinances, as well as finding illegal porches and decks that property owners have dared to build without the government’s permission.

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