Fatwa – okay to use and abuse women?

[ Many forms of Islam are essentially perversions of “lex talionis” (“an eye for an eye”) found in Talmudic Judaism….  Showing compassion or regarding others as “ends in themselves” is considered a weakness. How do all my liberal friends like the idea of Muslims “marrying” non-Muslims, just to discard them when they are finished with their “studies”? ]


“… the latest fatwa published on July 16, 2010 on the Saudi owned website by Sheik Adil Al-Kalbani, the Imam of Haram Al-Sharif, where he proclaims a brand new fatwa after receiving an email from an overseas Saudi male student studying in the ‘West’ (Al-Arabiya Net, 2010). The Saudi student, who is married and living with his wife, claims that he is worried about controlling his desires when he sees ‘Western’ female women wearing seductive semi-naked clothes that arouse him.

“He goes on to ask the Sheik if it is OK to marry one of those women in a ‘Misfar’ marriage, which means marriage based on travel, because he claims that he can’t fight temptations and also accuses his wife of being frigid. The good old Sheik Al-Kalbani posted on his own website the answer. His answer is a fatwa that permits marrying Western women with the intention of divorcing them when the Saudi students are finished with them and without the pre-knowledge of the ‘Western’ women of such plan.”

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