Feds admit poisoning birds that fell from sky

200 starlings found dead but this time there’s no mystery: U.S. government admits poisoning birds in South Dakota

The bizarre trend of massed animal deaths around the world in January has been as baffling as it is disturbing.

It started on New Year’s Eve as 4,000 birds crashed to earth over a one-mile area of Beebe, Arkansas, and was followed by tens of thousands of fish washing up on a river bank in nearby Ozark.

But rather than proving to be isolated incidents, they were the first in a long series of oddities that have seemingly defied explanation – or at least some of them have.

The latest occurrence saw around 200 starlings drop from the sky in Yankton, South Dakota but, with local authorities were baffled, the government stepped forward to claim responsibility.

It was initially believed that cold weather may have caused the deaths, but then Yankton police received a call from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), stating that its officials had poisoned the birds.


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