Flu Vaccine Warning: Death is a side-effect of a defective product

THE bereaved father of a toddler who died within a day of receiving the seasonal flu vaccine said last night that he could not believe this was coincidental.

David Epapara spoke out after the Queensland Coroner was called in to investigate the little girl’s death, which has intensified concern at the risk of side effects from the vaccine to children under five.

Two-year-old Ashley Epapara was found dead in her cot on April 9, the morning after she and her twin sister were inoculated by the family GP in Brisbane.

Mr Epapara told The Australian yesterday that both children had been “perfectly fine” until they received the combined jab for seasonal flu and swine flu.

“We don’t know much about what happened at this stage,” he said from the family’s Mount Gravatt home, on Brisbane’s south side.

“But it seems too much of a coincidence for a healthy girl, after having this vaccine, to just pass away. It is shocking.”

About 60 babies and small children, mainly in Western Australia, have suffered fits, fever and vomiting after receiving the new seasonal flu vaccine, prompting Australia’s chief medical officer last Friday to advise against its being given to under-fives.

The condition of a seriously ill one-year-old girl in Perth improved yesterday, with Princess Margaret Hospital listing her as serious and stable, an advance on her critical state last week.

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2 comments to Flu Vaccine Warning: Death is a side-effect of a defective product

  • i am 66 years old. i recently got the h1n1 flu vaccine at a cvs pharmacy. luckily i asked the pharmacist what company produced the vaccine. she told me NOVARTIS. exactly 24 hrs. later I began getting body aches and dry cough. the cough got worse, the body aches went away, and severe fatigue set in. the cough produced yellow sputum, and so i went to my doc who prescribed a z-pak, steroid nasal and throat spray, and cherritussin cough syrup. i could not sleep. none of the medicine helped very much, although i seem to be recovering very slowly on my own. i have been sick with this for a month to the day. i think the flu shot is very suspicious and i would like to see CVS PHARMACY and NOVARTIS investigated. please see the link below.

    john lafrance
    buellton, ca

  • addendum: i was in perfect health prior to administration of the vaccine.

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