Hegel and Kindergarten

The classroom assignment was called “All About Me.” Elementary school children were to “identify individual interests and learn about others.” But when his turn came, little Wesley Busch was told he could not read from his favorite book, the Bible, because it was considered “proselytizing” and “promoting a specific religious point of view.”  The teacher instead recommended that Wesley read a book “about witches and Halloween” instead.  You can read about it here.

The other day I wrote a short blog entry about the prevailing worldview/philosophy religiously practiced in the halls of power today (see the Devil’s Logic), and this sort of story (among countless others) indicates how embedded this twisted thinking is within popular culture. We see it everyday in the realm of politics, but also in the arts, in movies and television, in the mass media news, in judicial decisions, in economics, and (as in this case), in public “education.”

Indoctrinating young school children to use only governmentally approved speech (i.e., censorship) is part of the long-term strategy.  Notice how the “dialectic” worked in this case.  First the right to Christian free speech is established as the (implied) thesis.  Next the case for its contradiction needs to be established, so a conflicting form of free speech is postulated (in this case, pagan literature regarding Halloween).  Since Wesley’s mother would doubtlessly find this objectionable, a “compromise” will be made, with the outcome a foregone conclusion: Christian language is compromised while the other forms of speech are given exemption from the rule.

All this plays itself out as part of a larger exercise in social control and groupthink management.  The purpose, of course, is to continue to propagate a false worldview that elevates humanism and demonizes any source of objective, transcendent values.  Christian speech is rejected as “absolutist” and “intolerant,” whereas humanistic views that embrace collective despair (this is necessary for purposes of control) are encouraged and promoted.  Public education, especially of young children, is nothing but an indoctrination center for the worldview of secular humanists who are in league with the devil.

You have to reach the youth first.  The “gay” lobby understands this, as does Planned Parenthood, the meretricious mass marketers, the big buck advertisers, the official propaganda artists, the disinformation specialists, the psych-ops of the military, and all the other “change agents” employed by the government to “educate” its citizenry.

We are living in the end of days, friends, when darkness and chaos will become more and more widespread throughout the earth.  Satan’s schemes to deceive the whole world are in overdrive.  Remain steadfast.  Pray.  Read the Scriptures and ask the Lord to impart to you wisdom and grace for this hour.

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