‘Holocaust Survivor’ Torah Comes to Life

‘Holocaust Survivor’ Torah Comes to Life in Miami

A 19th century Czechoslovakian Torah scroll, which was stolen by the Nazis and later sold by Communist rulers, will be used for the first time in a Miami, Florida synagogue on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, which falls on the Sabbath and Sunday this year.

One of the wooden handles of the scroll bears the date 1878, when the scroll apparently was completed. Also inscribed is the name of the couple who contributed the holy scroll in a synagogue that now is part of the Czech Republic.

After the Allied forces defeated Hitler, a Nazi warehouse of Judaica, including Torah scrolls was discovered. Communist rulers sold more than 1,500 scrolls from the warehouse to a London synagogue 46 years ago, when a Memorial Scrolls Trust began sending them all over the world. “They have come back to life,” Trust curator Evelyn Friedlander told the Associated Press.

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