How would an “Evil Genie” Destroy the United States?

A Thought Experiment: How would an “Evil Genie” Destroy the United States?

If an evil genie wanted to “deconstruct” the United States (for the purpose of destroying its moral will, its sense of identity and history, its autonomy and national sovereignty, so that the nation could be docilely led to accept the authority of a globalist control system), here are some likely strategies it might use:

  1. Attack the Financial Infrastructure (glyph = 9-11 / Twin Towers).  It has to begin here, since this is the engine that drives everything else. Implode the economy.  Create artificial “bubbles” only to deflate them to create disorder and confusion. Lock down lines of credit; threaten the financial sector with further disaster, and arrogate complete control of the economy to an outside, globalist institution (i.e., the Federal Reserve). Expend national treasure on overseas wars in service of global banking interests. Etc.

  3. Attack the oil industry (glyph = BP oil disaster / Deepwater Horizon). This is a subset of #1, though symbolically it represents an illusory attack on the “oil” that drives the engine of the economy.  An added benefit of attacking the oil industry is to justify further war operations in the Middle East, thereby extending the globalist control grid.

  5. Control other key industries of the private sector in order to likewise undermine them (auto industries, financial services, health care industries, etc.)  Create a growing sense of dependency on the government to manage people’s lives.  Create depression-level fears and unemployment. Outsource jobs and dismantle the manufacturing base. Ghettoize major communities and cities.

  7. Regularly indoctrinate “political correctness” propaganda and persecute anyone who wishes to exercise moral conviction to the contrary (glyph = illegal immigration).  Deliberately dumb down the population through “public education.”  Create revisionist histories. Use the legal system to advance immorality as an “alternative lifestyle.”  Encourage the media to brainwash people through calculated disinformation campaigns and carefully crafted psychological warfare methods. Ridicule Judeo-Christian values and the idea of a transcendental moral order. Encourage a ubiquitous sense of victimization. Promote alternative spiritualities. Invent new enemies of the State. In this way, political correctness propaganda would suppress any chance of real dialog about issues that affect the political life and will of the nation as a whole.

  9. Create “wars and rumors of wars.”  Create various bogeymen in order to advance foreign policy objectives that are self-destructive and immoral. Shame the nation by exposing the unjust causes for war itself. Demoralize and weaken soldiers and servicemen. Create cognitive dissonance surrounding the word “patriot” (glyph = Abu Ghraib)

  11. Militarize the police forces so that they regard all citizens as “suspects” (glyph = tasers and cameras).  Use the phony threat of terrorism to dehumanize and degrade people at every opportunity. Monitor all private communications and internet activity.  Force people to have their genitalia scanned and cataloged. Create the control grid of a full-blown police state. Enact various underhand laws that rationalize human rights abuses (glyph = the Patriot Act).

  13. Divide the nation using racial tension and the threat of being labeled a “thought criminal.”  Promote the elitist dogma of cultural relativism and appeal to the arrogance of people to help them feel superior to others. Promote a rigid and self-destructive form of “openmindedness.” Encourage the fiction of the “global village.” Advocate “green religion,” global warming propaganda, and enforce secular humanism as the default intellectually approved creed of the day. Encourage the victim mentality along with an unbridled sense of entitlement.

  15. Control the media to make people feel helpless/afraid and then stupefied/numb. Warn of “terror alert levels,” terrorist events, and report on brutal events that instill fear. Then offer up mindless entertainment to alleviate the sense of fear and helplessness. Repeat in a cyclical pattern, daily. To ensure that other voices do not carry significance in this dark dialect, routinely ridicule and mock those of real conviction who question the political order of the day. Use political censorship to enforce an unquestioning homogeneity. Label all dissenters as “conspiracy theorists” and kooks. Mock Christianity and its followers relentlessly.  Marginalize all prophetic voices that warn of impending doom.

Of course, this list of stratagems is incomplete, but perhaps this suffices to reveal how the United States is being deliberately deconstructed by social engineers for the sake of creating a “new world order.”

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