Huckabee and GOP Blood-lust

The Drudge Report’s headline today: “HUCKABEE WARNS IRAN: BE PREPARED TO SEE GATES OF HELL” is indicative of the twisted mindset and thinking that pervades all of the GOP (with the lone exception of Dr. Ron Paul, who actually won the debate in South Carolina, though you’d never know it from reading the reports of the debate offered by the lame stream media).

I wonder how the USA would feel if, say, the Chinese had said this, esp. if they were already carpet-bombing Canada and had repeatedly threatened to likewise bomb us?  Huckabee is just another blood-lust-lover, it seems….

Of course the Democrats are no better — all the major candidates are pro-war, pro-violence, pro-status quo. 

That’s precisely why I support Ron Paul.  He’s been accused of being unrealistic, but he’s the only candidate who really wants to change the course of US politics, thereby averting catastrophic judgment from God for the innumerable crimes and sins of this nation. 

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