Israeli Pomegranate Wine — mmmm

Israeli Pomegranate Wine: Good for the Body, Good for the Soul

by Eli Stutz

( There’s a winery in Israel’s Upper Galilee that has nothing to do with grapes. It’s the Rimon Winery, a family business, which makes wine out of the “rimon” – that’s Hebrew for “pomegranate”.

Israel National Radio’s Yishai Fleisher and Malkah Fleisher checked in with Tair Nachmias, head of marketing at Rimon Winery. “We are the only winery in the world that produces the pomegranate wine,” says Tair, “thanks to a very special pomegranate tree that the owner of this place developed 15 years ago. He makes several kinds of hybrid pomegranate trees. He came up with a new one that is quite big. One pomegranate weighs 1.5 kilo, which is a huge pomegranate.

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