Jewish Spiritual Awakening? 600,000 Visit Kotel over Pesach

( A record number of people, a vast majority of them Jews, visited the Kotel (Western Wall) plaza over the Pesach (Passover) holiday. According to the Kotel Heritage Fund and the Israel Police, more than 600,000 people from all Jewish streams – secular and religious, young and old – visited the ancient remnant of the outer wall that surrounded the Temple Mount.

The number 600,000 is considered to have spiritual significance in the Jewish faith, and is especially relevant to Pesach, in which the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is marked. According to the Bible, this was the number of Jewish adult men who participated in the Exodus.

The Kotel authorities say that the stream of visitors to the Wall this year was much larger than in previous years, and that people kept on coming 24 hours a day, many walking from the Jaffa Gate and the markets, the Shechem (Damascus) Gate and the Jewish Quarter, and many others by bus or taxi. Private vehicles were not allowed into the Old City for the entire period.

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