Jews to rally in NYC against Obama’s anti-Israel politics

demonstration set for this coming Sunday, April 25, in New York City, outside the Israel Consulate. According to organizer Beth Gilinsky, head of the Jewish Action Alliance, groups are still calling to express their support and register for the event.

The protest is intended to convey to the Obama administration the intense dissatisfaction of American Jews and others with the increasingly hostile attitude of the White House towards the State of Israel. “The people are shocked by President [Barack] Obama’s reckless and radical policies that they believe are endangering America, Israel and world freedom,” Gilinsky explained in an interview with Israel National News.

“Protesters will be calling on the president to stop disarming America, stop undermining America’s best friend and ally in the Middle East – Israel – and to stand with Israel and America’s friends, rather than appeasing Iran, dictators and Jihadists,” Gilinsky added.

More than 21 Jewish and other organizations have already signed on to the event.

Thousands are expected to attend the rally, which Gilinsky said will give voice to the increasing disillusionment with the president that Jews and others have expressed, including many who voted Obama into office.

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