Jimmy “too-many-Jews” Carter at it again

By Jamie Glazov

Jimmy Carter is climbing back into the moral sewer this week, where he loves spending most of his time.

He’s back in the Middle East, continuing his love affair with Islamo-fascists.

This time around, having just monitored Lebanon’s elections, he’s on his way to visit his pals in Syria, the West Bank and Gaza. Don’t expect him to be giving anyone in those places a hard time about stopping hate and terror against Israelis. But do expect his contempt for Israel to come full surface when he visits the Jewish state – which is also on his itinerary. It will be no surprise when Carter’s reprimands for Israel will begin, seeing that this sole democracy in the Middle East is the country for which Carter holds particular disdain and, therefore, has called an “apartheid state” – an “apartheid state,” mind you, where Arabs are treated better than in any other country in the Middle East.

Carter is, at present, just carrying the torch for the left in its long and ugly tradition of romancing tyrants and terrorists. The Obama administration, after all, is, at this very moment, flirting with Hamas, the Palestinian version of the Nazi Party, and planning to hand over $900 million of American taxpayers’ money into its blood-soaked hands. So what else is Carter supposed to be doing to keep up the mood?

Make no mistake: There is no one better suited on the left but Carter to keep the left’s romance with Islamo-fascists in high gear. The ex-president, after all, is just coming off his high of supporting Hamas during the Gaza war. Indeed, in a Washington Post piece entitled “An Unnecessary War,” Carter engaged in an intellectual perversion that is difficult to match. He discussed the conflict as if Article XI in Hamas’ Charter doesn’t exist – and as if Israel was committing a crime by fighting for its right to life. With a pathological mind frame that includes enough material warranting an entire psychiatric conference, Carter referred to “a defensive tunnel” being dug by Hamas. This gives inspiration to a curious question: What “defensive” structures did Hitler’s gas chamber engineers build during their construction of Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Treblinka?

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