John Kerry – Blue Blooded Conspirator?

[ John Kerry is another talking head for elitist control of the world.  Why do people even listen to such patrician schemers? ]


John Kerry Says Voter Anger at Washington Is Hypocritical

by By Paul Bedard

Times are tough, especially among those still looking for good jobs, but Sen. John Kerry doesn’t think Washington’s to blame. In fact the former Democratic presidential candidate, concerned with the anger voters are aiming at Washington, says that his party and President Obama are doing a ship-shape job. [See which industries contribute to Kerry campaign.]

“We’ve come back,” he says of the nation, Wall Street, and the economy. “This is an amazing resurgence.”

Kerry talked about the voter anger during a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor called to give him time to pitch his expansive climate and energy bill. He was asked if he’s ever seen such anger with Washington, in part inspired by the Tea Party movement named after the Boston Tea Party in his home state.

With many expecting him to say no, the 26-year Washington veteran said yes, citing the turbulent 1960s and the Watergate era. “Yes, I have seen it,” he said, but while those were focused on the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon’s power grab, he said “I think this is less focused.”

It wasn’t a slam at the Tea Party movement and those upset at Washington as much as a frustration he feels that Congress and the president aren’t getting the credit he thinks they deserve for pulling the country out of a second depression.

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