Kagan against homeschooling

[ Homeschooling – like other principles of God-given freedom enshrined in the US Constitution – is regarded as a threat to fascist indoctrination and control programs, which is the primary reason why flaming liberals detest it.  Liberals demand absolute devotion (i.e., control) over people’s lives — which explains their theophobia and their secular jihad against all things that are based on Judeo-Christian values. ]


Homeschoolers alarmed by Kagan nomination

By Drew Zahn

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s press for considering international law as “the context” for interpreting U.S. law has incited worries her appointment could pave the way for world treaties that threaten both parental rights and homeschooling in the United States.

A statement from the Homeschooling Legal Defense Association points to Kagan’s decision as dean of Harvard Law School to require first-year students to study international law:

“From the start, students should learn to locate what they are learning about public and private law in the United States within the context of a larger universe,” reads a letter from Kagan and Harvard’s Curricular Innovations Committee advocating the requirement. “Specifically, we recommend the development of three foundation courses … each of which represents a door into the global sphere that students will use as context for U.S. law.”

The HSLDA argues Kagan’s actions and words demonstrate a belief that the U.S. Constitution needs to be examined through a “lens” of international opinion.

“HSLDA believes that this philosophy will come in direct conflict with a Supreme Court justice’s role,” the statement reads. “Judges should not look to international law and the decisions of foreign nations in order to interpret the U.S. Constitution and apply it to disputes today.”

Specifically, the HSLDA is concerned Kagan may push the Supreme Court to consider a pair of United Nations treaties – the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women – as relevant to cases in the U.S.

“These are dangerous treaties because they would severely restrict parental rights and homeschooling,” the HSLDA contends. “If the CRC were to be ratified by the Senate, the government would have the ability to override every decision made by parents by asserting the parents were not acting in the best interest of the child. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that have not ratified these treaties.”

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