KBR FEMA Camps Being Activated?

Homeland Security Moves to Man FEMA Camps

by Kurt Nimmo

On December 6, we reported on a document originating from Halliburton subsidiary KBR describing services KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. The document was passed on to us by a state government employee.

Our research has since discovered another document that further reveals the ongoing effort by the government to establish FEMA camps and provide services for them in the event of an emergency, including a real or more likely a false flag terrorist event.

In May of 2011, the website posted a Department of Homeland Security solicitation document entitled “National Responder Support Camp” calling for contractors to construct and operate camps “in which to stage responders and other authorized personnel and assets deployed for occurrences or events requiring a federal government response. The National Responder Support Camps contract will be used by FEMA, or by other federal agencies through FEMA, consistent with the specific authorities of the agency utilizing the contract’s services.”

“During disaster situations or other events, FEMA federal, state and local responders may need a place that provides shelter, food, and additional basic needs,” the document continues. “Hence the need for the procurement of effective and efficient Responder Support Camps is present.”

The DHS document makes a point of stating that FEMA’s role transcends “hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, acts of terrorism, tsunamis, or avalanches” and includes playing “a role in assisting with events designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as National Special Security Events (NSSEs) and with respect to National Response Framework activities of federal agencies.”

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