No Longer a Conspiracy…

Goal of the left: Destroy American economy

by Christopher Grey

This year’s Independence Day was particularly meaningful because our way of life is facing an assault that possibly is worse than anything we have faced in decades. This attack is not from terrorists or foreign governments. It’s from a small minority on the far left wing in this country who want to transform our society into a socialist state.

In a recent poll, 78 percent of Americans responded that they do not trust big government. In another recent survey, 90 percent of Americans responded that they do not think the government response to the financial crisis and the recession has benefited the economy. They’re right. It hasn’t. No jobs have been created. Growth has been anemic even though trillions of dollars have been spent in a misguided effort to stimulate the economy in all the wrong ways.

However, the left wing doesn’t care what the vast majority of Americans think or want. They also don’t care at all about stimulating the economy or creating jobs. They want to continue this government takeover of our economy because that is their ideology and because it benefits them personally.

Americans are naturally optimistic and think the best of people, even politicians and bureaucrats. Sometimes, like now, that can be a mistake. The assumption of most people who see these socialist policies not working is that the people running things are misguided, or ignorant, or even just unlucky. They are none of the above. Whether it is Obama’s team, or the regulators, or the left wing leadership in Congress, this economic disaster they have created is all part of a plan. This is not a conspiracy because it is all out in the open.

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