Liberal Fascists Love Idea of Mosque at Ground Zero

[ Perhaps liberal fascists and Muslim extremists “understand each other” in their autocratic lusts to control people’s lives…  However, it should be duly noted that the theocratic fascism embodied in Islam is diametrically opposed to liberal fascism…  So what happens when an irresistible force encounters an immovable object?  But perhaps this is part of the end-game, after all. The globalist agenda needs to neutralize Islam since it refuses to come under the authority of the new world order, and faux liberals in the USA are “useful idiots” to this diabolical subterfuge. The stage is being set for a show down, though I believe the game itself is rigged… ]

A Mosque at the 9/11 site?   ‘Like a Pig in the Temple’


A Muslim Mosque next to Ground Zero? When I first heard of this several weeks ago I thought the outrage of even considering this would be so great that nothing would come of it. Yet not only has the city of New York given zoning passage for this ultimate insult to the memory of those who perished on 9/11 but the city government from the Mayor on down are defending the building of what will become a shrine to an Islamic triumph and worshipped by millions around the world as a monument to the death of Americans and a Muslim victory over America.

Except for the conservative media this story is either being ignored or buried so deep that I have realized that most Americans are not even aware that a Mosque is in the process of becoming a reality next to the sacred ground of Ground Zero. Is this because America has forgotten our National anger and sorrow when the planes destroyed The World Trade Center or is it because the PC crowd is so entrenched in our Nation that Muslim is the new PC and nothing can even be considered that in the slightest way might offend them.

I think it is a combination of both. Americans have a short memory and unfortunately even an event as devastating and terrible as 9/11 becomes further removed the country as a whole has the ability to forget National tragedy and go on with life. To a certain emotional extent this is good except that tragic events such as 9/11 become a foot note in peoples minds and the resolve to avenge the deaths of those killed becomes much less and our vigilance lessons as time heals the pain of the tragedy.

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