Madonna’s concerts in Israel are “against Jewish law”

‘Madonna Forbidden to Sing in Israel’ says Top Kabbalah Rabbi

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Madonna and her entourage splashed into Israel for two shows, but leading Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Batzri expressed sorrow that Israelis put out the red carpet for the non-Jewish star who dabbles in Kabbalah. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Opposition leader Tzipi Livni are among those who will meet Madonna, a Roman Catholic who has adopted the Jewish name “Esther.”

On Sunday, she toured the Western Wall Tunnel, which reveals the history and the geography of the Temple Mount site and its Jewish past, which much of the Muslim world increasingly denies.

Kabbalah refers to spiritually deep understanding in Judaism, and even Jews are discouraged from studying it until they are deemed mature enough to handle the subject. Jewish law also forbids men from hearing a woman sing. Therefore, Madonna’s concert appearances in Israel are against Jewish law, said Rabbi Batzri, head of the Shalom Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

“No one can study Torah unless he or she is converting to Judaism,” he explained to Arutz-7’s Hebrew news site. Madonna’s ostensible plunge into Kabbalah several years has been widely condemned by Torah scholars. Rabbi Batzri said Sunday, however, “There is no connection between what the singer learns and true Kabbalah. The foundations of Kabbalah are the Tree of Life…that no one can learn without abstention.”

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