Mass Surveillance In America

Big Brother is watching You

by Stephen Lendman

It shouldn’t surprise. It’s longstanding policy. Post-9/11, it escalated. Previous articles said Big Brother is real. It’s no longer fiction.

Mass surveillance is official US policy. It’s not for national security. It’s not about discovering terror or other threats. None whatever exist. Claiming otherwise doesn’t wash. Big Lies substitute for vital truths.

What’s ongoing reflects unchecked power. It’s for unchallenged global dominance. It’s secret with no oversight for good reason. It’s unconstitutional. Societies governed this way are lawless. People living in them aren’t free.

America never was a democracy. It wasn’t created to be one. It’s not one now. Freedom is verboten. It’s vanishing in plain sight. Wealth, power and privilege alone matter. Police state terror targets non-believers.

Money power runs America. Powerful interests alone matter. What they say goes. What they want they get. Obama’s their nominal front man. Complicit congressional and judicial officials are involved. So are media scoundrels.

They serve wealth, power and privilege. They spurn populist interests. They pretend otherwise. Policies belie official rhetoric. A previous article said impeaching Obama is vital. It’s a national imperative. What’s ongoing now may be prelude for much worse to come.

Police states operate this way. They tolerate no opposition. People wanting to live free and saying so are considered enemies. Challenging government of, by and for privileged elites is criminalized. Expect much worse ahead.

Mass surveillance is all-embracing. There’s no place to hide. Everyone is watched. Non-believers are targeted. Privacy no longer exists.

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