“Miniluv” Chief Warns of Perpetual Terror

‘Americans will always live with terror threats’


US “Homeland Security” chief, Janet Napolitano, has called for a constant state of preparedness in the face of growing third millennium issues before America.

In her interview with the USA Today, Napolitano touched on a number of security issues threatening the national security of the United States.

Napolitano started with words of caution for US citizens as she urged Americans to keep vigil for terror threats disregarding their origin.

“We need to be prepared for all kinds of realistic risks. We know, for example, that there are risks associated with the transportation sector. We know that certain parts of the country have greater risks than other parts,” she said.

“So we’re trying to emphasize this notion of shared responsibility. Everybody has some responsibility for themselves, their family, communities, state, local, tribal, territorial – shared responsibility among all our federal agencies and then with our international partners.”

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    The Ministry of Love (or Miniluv in Newspeak) is one of the four ministries that govern Oceania in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

    The Ministry of Love enforces loyalty and love of Big Brother through fear, a repressive apparatus, and brainwashing. The Ministry of Love building has no windows and is surrounded by barbed wire entanglements, steel doors, hidden machine gun nests, and guards armed with “jointed truncheons.” Inside, the bright lights are never turned off (it is enigmatically referred to as “the place where there is no darkness”). Its importance is played down by the Party, but its function is well known and it is arguably the most important ministry, controlling the will of the population. The Thought Police is part of Miniluv.

    It contains Room 101, within which is “the worst thing in the world”.

    The Ministry of Love, like the other ministries, is ironically named, since it is largely responsible for the practice and infliction of misery, fear, suffering, and hate. In a sense, however, the term is accurate, since its ultimate purpose is to instill love of Big Brother in the minds of thoughtcriminals. (From Wiki)

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