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[ Of course none of this means the government won’t attempt another “false flag” operation in order to further its evil agenda… ]


“See Something, Say Something” Exposed As Hoax

Paul Joseph Watson

Given the intensity with which the Department of Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano have promoted the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, one would think the federal government would be keen on receiving reports from Americans about potential terror threats. However, numerous calls to the DHS, FBI and the White House prove otherwise – the entire program is a hoax and the feds have no interest in preventing terrorism.

For the past week, both on air and off air, Alex Jones has been trying to alert the federal government to terror threats and on every occasion has been rebuffed and ignored.

On Sunday, Alex called the FBI while hosting his live radio broadcast to report terrorism. During the last half hour of today’s show (MP3 – video to follow), he called the White House and the DHS. On each occasion, the reports were met with ignored phone calls, answer phone messages that didn’t even state who was taking the message, and a complete failure to return any of the calls after messages were left.

After calling the White House a second time in an effort to talk to a real person, the line simply went dead before anyone answered.

In addition, the DHS won’t even provide the number to report terror threats and instead passes the buck to local authorities when asked, as the phone calls made by Alex Jones prove. Jones responded to numbers provided on “See Something, Say Something” flyers, only to be told by a DHS operator as well as a DHS press officer that local law enforcement were responsible for taking reports about terror threats.

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