Napolitano wants YOU to spy on your neighbor

By Sebastian Smith (AFP)

NEW YORK — A top US domestic security chief announced Wednesday a strategy to make ordinary citizens the first line of defense against an increasingly multi-faceted terrorist threat.

“For too long, we’ve treated the public as a liability to be protected rather than an asset in our nation’s collective security,” Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said in a speech in New York.

“This approach, unfortunately, has allowed confusion, anxiety and fear to linger.”

Napolitano, who also announced an extra 78 million dollars in anti-terrorism funding for 15 mass transit systems nationwide, said modern communications had increased the sophistication of threats since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

“The tools for creating violence and chaos are as easy to find as the tools to buy music online or restocking inventory,” she said. “If 9/11 happened in a web 1.0 world, terrorists are certainly in a web 2.0 world now.”

Napolitano urged a “much broader society response” in which the public helps curb a growing phenomenon of so-called home-grown terrorism.

Referring to a spate of arrests around the country of US citizens and residents charged with jihad-type militancy, Napolitano said that ordinary people were often the best eyes and ears.

“You are the ones who know when something is not right in your communities,” she said in her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Indeed if you look at the last couple of weeks, arrests have been made in places like Minneapolis and North Carolina,” she said.

“So I think better education, about the breadth of the threat and how it can be carried out, is important.”

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2 comments to Napolitano wants YOU to spy on your neighbor

  • admin

    “Thou shalt spy on thy neighbor, as thou spiest on thyself…”

  • Kathy Young

    Shame on you,Janet. You are sounding just like a Nazi. Americans are sick of the tyranny. We like FREEDOM. We don’t like cameras everywhere, scanners and being felt-up, and we don’t like neighbors spying on each other. This apparently is what you want your world to be like. It is NOT what America was founded on, nor how we want to live. We like habeus corpus. We like not getting arrested for saying something that YOU do not agree with. We will continue to cherish true freedom and to resist tyranny.

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