Nazi death camp guard charged with murder of 430,000 Jews

A SUSPECTED Nazi death camp guard has been charged over the murders of 430,000 Jews.

Samuel Kunz, 88, allegedly served Hitler’s Third Reich in the Belzec camp in occupied Poland during World War Two.

He is number three on a most wanted list of ex Nazis.

Kunz was charged after prosecutors said he served as a guard from January 1942 to July 1943 where it is claimed he helped exterminate Jews.

He is also accused of the shooting a total of ten Jews in two other incidents.

Top Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said Kunz participated in the so-called Operation Reinhard to eliminate Polish Jews.

Mr Zuroff, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center which fights anti-Semitism, said: “The indictment of Samuel Kunz is a very positive development.

“It reflects recent changes in the German prosecution policy, which have significantly enlarged the number of suspects who will be brought to justice.”

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