No free speech for Christian Cheerleaders

Christianity has become the world’s official ghetto religion… ]


Community members are rallying around Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders after they were banned from displaying signs with Bible verses urging fans and players to “commit to the Lord” and “take courage and do it.”

The banners — the paper ones that football players crash through at the beginning of games — have been common sights in the school’s football stadium since 2003, local officials say.

“The cheerleaders are not trying to push a religious cause, to shove religion down someone’s throat,” said local youth minister Brad Scott, who was LFO High’s class president in 2004. “The cheerleaders are just using Scripture to show motivation and inspiration to the players and the fans.”

Catoosa County Schools spokeswoman Marissa Brower said a Fort Oglethorpe resident lodged a verbal complaint to Superintendent Denia Reese last week, saying that the display of a Bible verse on the football field is a violation of federal law.

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  • How come people aren’t offended when they go to the store and the magazines in the checkout lanes, have articles such as (KINKY
    SEX TRICKS)!? But somehow the are upset about cheerleaders who
    believe in God! They are upset about signs that inspire disipline, ethics and faith! I’m afraid for this Country.

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