Obama and Biden Hail Death of Gadhafi; the new way of doing business…


WASHINGTON (AP) — Declaring the end of a tyrant’s reign, President Barack Obama on Thursday cast the demise of Moammar Gadhafi as a momentous opportunity for Libya and its long-suffering people. “You have won your revolution,” he told them.

“One of the world’s longest-serving dictators is no more,” Obama said as news of Gadhafi’s death and apparent images of his body took hold across the globe.

Obama claimed no personal vindication for his approach to U.S. intervention. But he hailed the success of the NATO effort that was intended to protect civilians and eventually helped force Gadhafi from power.

“The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted,” Obama said from the White House Rose Garden. “And with this enormous promise, the Libyan people now have a great responsibility.”

Like Obama, Biden applauded the U.S. decision to seek broad international backing for the Libya mission.

“In this case, America spent $2 billion total and didn’t lose a single life. This is more of the prescription for how to deal with the world as we go forward than it has been in the past,” Biden said during a speech in Plymouth, N.H.

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