Obama and Bush – Warmongers of the NWO

[ Mr. Obama is obviously a puppet to the global world leaders. Why else did he bypass Congress and the US Constitution and seek approval from the United Nations?  This shows the insanity of rejecting the clear requirements for a declaration of war as defined in the US Constitution.  How is it possible for one man to engage the resources of the US military to wage another illegal war based on the WHIM of a so-called “executive order”?   If the so-called “liberals” detested GW Bush’s preemptive war policies (and rightly so), then they are particularly hypocritical for not immediately condemning Obama and his warmongering… All Obama supporters should hang their heads in shame and publicly confess that they were fooled.  OBAMA = BUSH. ]


It is a bad science fiction movie written by mad political scientists.

Exactly eight years to the day that President George W. Bush took America and his “Coalition of the Willing” to war with Iraq, President Barack Obama has taken America and his “Broad Coalition” to war with Libya.

And just as the world was sold a “coalition of the willing” that was predominantly a fleeting alliance of the cajoled and the arm-twisted, the putatively “broad” Obama coalition consists primarily of America’s two cronies-in-war, the UK and France.

Only in a mad political science fiction movie could a President engaged in perpetuating two unjust, immoral, interminable and expensive wars begun by his predecessor, take his nation into yet another unjust, immoral, expensive and, in all likelihood, interminable war … and expect a happy ending!

Eight years of war in Iraq and 11 in Afghanistan has resolved nothing and served only to inflame anti-American sentiment around the world, drain the US treasury, kill and wound hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people and destroy the lives, limbs and souls of thousands of American troops.

Batting zero on the battle field, the mad political scientists have stepped up to the plate again. Despite nothing but failure, President Obama has decided, unilaterally, to squander still more American men and money in a war on Libya, promising that this time he won’t strike out.

In what could be a casting call for a mad sci-fi movie starring the Three Stooges, America’s newest Decider-in-Chief fights from the safety of the Oval Office while his equally battle-unscarred and chicken-hearted French and British counterparts, Nicolas “Sarko the American” Sarkozy and David (Eton/Oxford, what else?) Cameron lead the charge from the plush distance of the Palais de l’Élysée and 10 Downing Street.


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  • Doris Prichard

    My son is in the military and I don’t want him in a war in Libya just to be a part of
    the political WAR GAMES or to go after the OIL there? Think of all the other American
    Mom’s who feel the same about their military men or women? THUMBS DOWN to political

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