Obama as pro-war as GW Bush

[ This author (Tom Flannery) is apparently oblivious of the fact that both Obama and Bush serve the selfsame masters… ]


Obama embraces Bush doctrine

By Tom Flannery

It turns out that President George W. Bush won’t have to wait to be vindicated by history. He’s being vindicated in the here and now by, of all people, President Barack Obama.

Obama – the anti-war candidate of 2008 who vehemently attacked Bush’s war policies and viciously used them to accuse Bush of everything from lying us into war to torture – has, since becoming president, adopted those very same policies. The Bush doctrine has become, for all intents and purposes, the Obama doctrine.

When Bush was president, the American military had a sizable presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that Obama is president, we still do.

Bush had authorized predator drones to be used to target and wipe out terrorist leaders. They are the same drones that are being used to deadly effect to this day.

Under Bush, the military prison at Guantanamo Bay was in operation – as it still is today.

Rendition was in practice. It still is.

And, of course, the Patriot Act was the law of the land in the Bush years. When Democrats took power and finally had their chance to end this “egregious violation of civil liberties,” as they had been vilifying it for years, they decided instead to keep it in place. They agreed to extend the Patriot Act for another year.

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