Obama Team Bankrupting America

[ 2 trillion in 421 days??? ¬†That comes to a whopping $4,750,593,824.00 PER DAY (i.e., averaged over the time that includes weekends, days off, gov’t holidays, etc.). God only knows how much money the Obama team will drain from the economy over the next couple of years… ¬† ]


National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama’s Watch

The latest posting from the Treasury Department shows the National Debt has increased over $2 trillion since President Obama took office.

The debt now stands at $12.6 trillion. On the day Mr. Obama took office it was $10.6 trillion.

President George W. Bush still holds the record for the most debt run up on his watch: $4.9 trillion. But it took him over four years to rack up the first two trillion dollars in debt. It has taken Mr. Obama 421 days.

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  • Stephen

    If Mr. Obama really believes that his Health Care ovrhaul will really reduce government expendenture; he is gravely mistaken. Or, rather; we will be. If you want a true look at how our government runs a health care system, look at the Vetrans Administration Hospital System. I do not know many people who eagerly want to go into the VA Hospital (we have one here in Wichita, KS as well as an Air Force Base) as a primary site of care, except for the free meds and check ups. As a student, I did a stint in the hospital and I found it dirty, depressing and the care subpar as compared to the three other hospitals in town; and after having worked in the health care system for 35 years, it hasn’t changed one bit.
    Folks this is what we are looking forward to! Medicare will be raped, the excelent health care we have come to expect will be decimated to the subpar (remember the old saying ‘close enough for govenment work’?) care, and subpar facilities. But watch out, this will only be the begining, as Mr. (I cannot bring myself to call him my president) Obama is HELL bent on bringing the USA down to the same level as the rest of the world. NO longer will the USA be the beacon of hope and truth that we have been, watch out for control of religion next!

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