Obama = Bush

[ Obama’s New War Surge – 30,000 more troops at $1,000,000.00 per solidier = $30,000,000,000.00. And that doesn’t count the costs already incurred daily over there. Nice job, for a Nobel Peace Prize winner…

Taxes (i.e., inevitable inflation) and your kid’s futures are paying for this…

Obamaspeak: “We are Change” = “No change at all.”

Obama=Bush: they both work for the same “master.” ]


Barack Obama’s war: the final push in Afghanistan

Barack Obama is to set an ambitious timetable for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, with the first troops pulling out by July 2011. The announcement is aimed at countering US public fears that the country is being sucked into a Vietnam-style morass.Reflecting the increased sense of urgency, Obama is to speed deployment of an extra 30,000 American troops to Afghanistan within the next six months – a much faster timetable than the 12 to 18 months that had been briefed by US officials up until today.

The 30,000 figure is lower than requested by the US commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, but the Obama administration is hoping that other Nato countries will make up the difference. A senior administration official said the Nato secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, will announce the deployment of extra troops on Friday.The additional US forces are intended to counter Taliban expansion and help the Afghan army and police take over responsibility for security faster.The White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, spoke today of “an accelerated timetable”. During a round of television interviews he said the faster the US forces move in, the faster they will move out. “We can’t be there forever,” he said.

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    More Obama=Bush

    ACLU: Obama’s reversal on Patriot Act reform ‘a major travesty’
    Key components in the USA Patriot Act are set to expire at the end of the year, but President Barack Obama is seeking to extend them, reversing his stark opposition in the past to the same provisions.

    “The president’s reversal on Patriot Act reform is a major travesty,” said Michelle Richardson, Legislative Counsel for the leading civil rights group ACLU, in an interview with Raw Story. “There have been many, many abuses of power in the last four years.”


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