Obama for 9/11 Mosque

[ And the mother of all political correctness awards goes to Barack Obama, who calls for an end of all vestiges of US exceptionalism. “Let me be perfectly clear:  I am a citizen of the world…. America has no inherent goodness or value.  I was commissioned to deconstruct the USA and make it into a vassal state of the global community.”

Obama’s PC propaganda is incoherent and illogical. He claims that all Americans should have the same rights to practice their religion as they see fit.  I wonder if he then supports polygamy and groups such as the Branch Davidians?  Would Obama support the right of the KKK or perhaps of Satanists who want to murder people for their religion? What about the rights of known Islamic terrorists to practice their creed by detonating explosives on their bodies to kill the “infidels”? ]

Obama calls for Ground Zero mosque

President Obama strongly backed the mosque planned near Ground Zero as he celebrated Ramadan with Muslim Americans at the White House – saying it shows that America’s commitment to to religious tolerance is “unshakeable.”

“Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” Obama said in his first comments on the controversy.

“I applaud President Obama’s clarion defense of the freedom of religion,” Bloomberg said.

Rep. Peter King (R-Long Island), a leading opponent of the mosque, accused Obama of caving into “political correctness.”

“President Obama is wrong. It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero,” King said.

“The right and moral thing for President Obama to have done was to urge Muslim leaders to respect the families of those who died and move their mosque away from Ground Zero.”

Polls have shown that New Yorkers are overwhelmingly opposed putting a mosque near the World Trade Center site.

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