Obama debates himself on Afghanistan

[ Too bad it’s costing the blood and treasure of Americans (and Afghanis) for Mr. Obama to make up his mind on the subject …  I recall the phony promises he made during his campaign about “ending the war” and bringing Americans back home..  Obama’s team did this to pander to the anti-war voters in this country.  Obama’s “audacity of hope” is just a cruel joke, just as his surge in Afghanistan proved awhile ago… ]


Obama debates himself on Afghanistan

The normally Obama-supportive Huffington Post just put up an amusing (depressing?) video that juxtaposes some of President Obama’s recent comments on Afghanistan with remarks from 2007, in which then-Senator Obama tore into the Bush administration’s Iraq policy, questioning the practice of nation-building and continuous war.

It’s structured like a debate…with himself.

Watch the Video Here

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