Obama ready to reveal Mideast Peace Plan

[ Here we go again… If Obama is hailed as a hero of both Israel and the Arab States, watch out…  This is a telltale sign. ]


Barack Obama is close to revealing plan for Middle East peace

James Hider in Jerusalem

The Obama Administration is close to presenting its plan for peace in the Middle East to Israel and the Palestinians, senior officials said yesterday.

Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defence Minister, said that the long-awaited plan would be disclosed to the parties within weeks and recommended that Israel take the initiative and accept the proposals from its most important ally, with whom it has endured strained ties recently.

“In the coming weeks, their plan will be formulated and presented to the parties,” Mr Barak told the parliamentary foreign and defence committee. “I believe that Israel must take the lead in accepting the plan.”

In Washington, a State Department spokesman confirmed that the plan would be announced by George Mitchell, the special Middle East envoy “in a matter of weeks.”

No details were released, although it is thought that the plan is based on an Arab initiative whereby Israel would gain recognition from the Arab world in return for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Differences still persist between both sides, focusing on control of Jerusalem, the right of millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendents to return to the country and the issue of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

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