Obama™ running on a platform of myths…

Obama™ “the Composite” running on two myths: he’s not a warmonger, and that he really killed Osama bin Laden

by Andrew Steele

President Obama is trying to appeal to his jilted, antiwar liberal base (and perhaps even making a Hail Mary throw for some Ron Paul supporters) during this (s)election season by telling the public during his weekly Internet address that “… his goal of defeating al-Qaida is within reach and that it’s time to turn the country’s attention to domestic concerns”.

Pretending that he ending the war in Afghanistan and that he’s not trying to start new ones in Syria, Iran, and on the African continent, Obama claims that he’s calling on Congress to “…take the money we’re no longer spending at war, use half of it to pay down our debt and use the other half to rebuild America”, referring to the black hole U.S. debt that can never be paid off and promising to continue big government spending by shifting funding numbers from useless wars to economically detrimental government programs.

President Obama also took the opportunity to remind the public of the raid that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden a year ago and sent the nation into a sudden celebration of blood lust. DNA that could have been taken at any time from anywhere was offered up as “proof” that Seal Team 6 did the deed. However, the President hasn’t released any photographs or videos of bin Laden’s dead body– despite a lawsuit by Judicial Watch to force the CIA and DoD to do so– or produced a body for independent analysis (because the U.S. government supposedly threw bin Laden’s body in the ocean within hours of killing him). All but a handful of skeptical reporters have accepted the President’s ‘come on, just trust me’ evidence and inducted the bin Laden death tale into American gospel.

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